seeking electrical help!

hello friends!
does anyone know enough about wiring/electrical to make my clothes dryer stop shorting out the house?  it’s been in storage for a couple of years, and apparently didn’t like it.  it’s a condenser dryer.

if you know how, and want to come over and do it for me, i will pay you (and your choice of companion) with a delicious meal of:

black mole enchiladas with black beans, rice & cheese (shredded chicken is another filling option)
pico de gallo, sour cream & any other applicable condiments
chips & salsa & guacamole
margaritas/ tequila shots
flan dessert

or, if you don’t like that kind of food but can help me by fixing this for me, i will make you something else delicious – you just tell me what you don’t like, and i’ll run something else by you.

if you know how, but live far away, and you think you can explain it to me simply in ways that i (someone who has only ever spliced wires before, nothing else electrical) could pull off, please email me separately.  payment will have to come in some other form, later. 

🙂  thanks!


  1. are the washer and dryer on the same circuit? and if so, do you have one of those special pully-boxes-thingies to swich both systems? If not, that might help and then I could help you (I’m not awesome with drilling things, but that’s the easiest part….)

    1. we were worried about that, so we actually ran an extension cord down to the 1st floor to see what happened when only the dryer was plugged in – anywhere.

      🙂 i think it’s an internal problem in the dryer, at this point. but i’m not sure.

      any other ideas? there are enchiladas at stake here!!! 😉

      1. if it’s wiring in the dryer itself, I’m afraid I can’t help 😦 Even with enchiladas offered, I can’t do internal structures of dryers….
        Do you know how heavy the circuit is and how heavy the dryer is?

      2. no… um. i’m not sure what to look at, honestly. i find it hard to believe a dryer would be too much for the circuit if the whole house is otherwise unplugged. but i don’t know anything about it.

        do you know what i should check? i’m going to also reply to carl, who also had something to say. if you know what i’m doing wrong, also keep an eye on that conversation…

      3. hmmmm, difficult… I could come take a look, but not sure if I could be of any help, because that sure sounds like it’s something internal in teh dryer, which means getting some repairman (expensive) or a new dryer) possibly about tha same price) is the only option…

      4. well, if you have an idea of what to look for, and you want to drop in sometime, we’re really close by soundgarden… 🙂 you’ve got my phone number, i think… or email and we can talk… 🙂 🙂 🙂

        and thanks thanks for helpful suggestions. whether you provide the answer or not, i think a reward is in order!!

  2. The pully-boxy-things are meant for heavy-duty appliances, like the CV-ketel or washer or dryer, and should have a dedicated circuit breaker (probably bigger than the others) at the main breaker box. The dryer might be too much for ordinary household current. I take it you didn’t use it on the boat but you did back in Maastricht? What was it plugged into whene you lived there?

    1. 🙂 i don’t know anything about this. at all. i can answer your question though: no, we didn’t use it on the boat. we DID use it in maastricht. it was plugged into an outlet. 🙂 um, i don’t remember. it was 3 years ago. would you like to come take a look?

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