yesterday, and brief glimpse of Strange

well, after going to bed sometime between 4 & 5 friday night/saturday morning, Cat woke me up for food around 10:30.  actually he’d already been fed, but matt and i had built a new home for his food, water & litter, and he’s still a bit confused about it.  i thought i’d go back to sleep, but i didn’t.  i finished my book, the first in the trio 2666, author… i forgot & it’s upstairs, then worked on some house things.  i can’t even remember what.

later i did some grocery shopping, then carl came over and gave helpful advice about my dryer.  very handy.  then dick came over and we made green curry paste and while we were working on that, matt called.  FINALLY.  i’d been about out of my head wondering why i’d heard nothing yet.  as it is, his dad is quiet and tired, sleeping a lot, but alert and aware while awake.  matt’s glad to be there.  his other siblings are all around too, although their various partners mostly aren’t, which is a good sign that everyone thinks we’ve got a little time yet.  i feel a little more easy about my pending trip to new mexico to see my mom & stepdad.  who knows how the next few days or weeks or anything will go yet, and i’m going to try to keep pretty ready to hop on a plane any moment.  i have 2 different people with house keys, although one would find it very inconvenient to come here to check on cat.  she’s backup, and she doesn’t know it yet.  it’s actually an accident she has the keys.  (no this isn’t a request for offers, but thanks anyway.)

anyway, it was VERY good to talk to matt and hear his thoughts.  our nephew was hanging out with him while we talked, and i have to say… although it’s a nice way to interact long distance with very young relatives, i prefer a more private conversation than knowing the whole room is listening to me through matt’s laptop.  he forgot to take a headset with him… 🙂  i guess he was a little preoccupied.

after the phone call, i went and helped finish the curry paste, then we made a lovely brown curry with it.  (i screwed up and used the extra dark soy sauce when mixing it, so it completely overwhelmed the green… but it tasted good anyway.)  by then it was pretty late, so we cleaned up our cooking mess, dick left, and i got ready to go to Strange.

it’s really too bad i was so tired.  i left just as it was really starting to get good, and lots of people i know and like were around.  oh well. 

a little about ankhnaton:  it’s a club on the nieuwezijds kolk, which is very central, and thus gets a mixed crowd.  also, it’s not a club that particularly caters to any "alternative" scene.  they have doormen in suits who hold the door open for you, they REQUIRE you to check your coat, and the bartenders don’t actually even know what cider is.  they also are young enough and inexperienced enough with accents that if you pronounce "vodka" with a v instead of a w, they haven’t the faintest idea what you’re asking for, which is something i haven’t seen for a while, not since maastricht, i don’t think.  all that said, it’s a decent space, with a layout i rather like.  i personally can’t say much about the acoustics, since i’ve only been there twice and last night i was too tired to notice anything at all.  the last time i was there was quite a while ago, i forget the name of the party on that occasion.

so, last night i arrived around 11ish, which is very early, but hell… i was tired.  i went in, paid, and had my jacket pins complimented by the woman who took the money, then gave up one of my coats (i was wearing 2 because i’d been cold when i left).  then i saw troy, which was a good sign i was in the right place, then i walked into the main room.  at that point, i got very very confused because the music was very disco-ey techno.  and all the people i could see were studenty looking types.  and i thought, shit, are there 2 rooms, and i walked into the wrong one?  about a half-second later, someone grabbed me around the shoulders and i turned around to find kiki, who i haven’t seen since treffen (may).  what a relief!!  i was in the right place, it was the music and people who were wrong!  she thought the same, but as we chatted the scene changed.  by the time i left, around 1:30 or so, the crowd was many people i know or who obviously knew the people i know, or who didn’t but didn’t look like students, and the music was getting really excellent.  i would have liked to have stayed and danced, but i was SO tired.  2 major dance events in one weekend is unfortunate planning, considering how often weeks and weeks will go by with NOTHING going on in town.  i heard some negative gossip about that, which i’d prefer not to be involved in, since i really like the people that i know who were involved with both events.  i’m sure i don’t know everyone involved, and i don’t want to know more about what happened.  in fact, i’m thankful that i have such very bad hearing in loud clubs, because i didn’t hear much of what i was actually being told last night anyway.  it was a person i’d never met before, and difficult for me to understand.  it’s amazing how knowing people better makes it easier to fill in the gaps in your hearing during a conversation.

anyway, it was nice, again, to see so many wonderful people and to hear more great music.  i only wish i’d been more alive to enjoy it! 

i’ve slept in really late today, because i overfed my silly cat, and i’m still tired.  i’ve made a video of my street and house for my mom & stepdad to see when i get to their house, and i was going to upload it to my computer and mess with my photos, but i seem to have left my cables at work.  oh well.  i think i’ll putter around with little house projects for a while, and maybe make some carrot bread.  yum.  tonight i’m going to eat vast quantities of buttered popcorn and watch the entire 1st season of buffy.  🙂  under the duvet, which will be under the cat, who will be competing with the popcorn bowl for lap space.  🙂


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