what day is it?

wow.  i can’t think.  is it monday or tuesday?  i think it’s tuesday, actually.

yesterday we woke up ridiculously early and dined on leftover pie and turkey sandwiches.  then read for a while then dined on turkey sandwiches and pie.

mmmm…. thanksgiving leftovers.  is there anything yummier?

then i left matt and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with mel – hanging out in anodyne coffee shop and chatting.  when i took her back to her car, i went back to bob & ceese’s and… had another turkey sandwich before falling asleep.

then we went out to the saloon, where we ran into alis, which was lovely as usual.  šŸ™‚

we got home around 2am, woke up at 7am.  damn jetlag.

we called matt’s mom and had breakfast at the seward.  then… matt went off with his mom and i headed to uptown to wander around.  and then i thought:  hey!  i’ll call alis!  so i did, and we had a lovely afternoon of wandering around after enjoying coffee and lunch at vera’s coffee shop.  many adventures in shopping.  not much purchased, but fun fun looking.

and … then i was tired, so i was going home, but then i thought:  well, i can handle a small jaunt out of my way to see matt and claude who were hanging out in the source, looking at games.  so i went there.  then we were hungry so we went for vietnamese food at … i can’t even pretend to remember how to spell it, so i won’t.  anyway, a former student now teenager was there… weird.  fo rtunately i was not recognized (i didn’t have big fluffy red dreads back when i was teaching at frost lake elementary), but i was still really amazed. 

back at the house now.  tired tired tired.

tomorrow:  try to visit zhac & kel?  dinner/movie/dancing with mel & dwain and perhaps jesse & athenais?  stop in at saracura?

thursday:  not sure, then perhaps waste thanksgiving?  then dancing at chamber?

friday:  coffee with scott & sara, thanksgiving w/ matt’s mom, jarrin & martin’s new band at kitty kat club?

saturday:  i’m thinking brunch at triple rock?


  1. I highly recommend Jarrin and Martin’s new band. We saw them in July and it was a good show.

    Envious of your trip back to MN, sounds like good fun.

  2. I’m envious as well as it looks as though I’ll be missing you again this trip. Hopefully I’ll be in a better place on your next visit and will be able to spend some time with you. Good to hear you can still have a good time no matter what country you’re in!

      1. Your body produces melatonin naturally in the evening, it’s what tells you to go to sleep. So if you take it before bed you give your body the melatonin it is not making due to your body clock being out. Your body gets melatonin and knows it now has to sleep for the night.

        It’s tablet form. Take it easy on the dosage, I’d start with half the recommended dose. It will make your dreams a lot more vivid than they normally are.

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