plans for today

well, let’s see… today mel & i are having a girls’ afternoon.  after that, i don’t know.  but i assume i’m going to need some sleep.  matt and i fell asleep last night around 7:30, and woke up around 5am.  and we’d LIKE to go to the saloon tonight.

so, let’s assume that we manage naps and make it out.  we should hopefully be at the saloon tonight.  monday.  🙂

yesterday was thanksgiving dinner at the feigal-stickles household (that’s matt’s dad & stepmom).  i don’t know what’s going on but i was nauseous with everything i ate.  diarrhea.  ugh.  maybe that parasite i picked up in st. petersburg?  dunno.  anyway.  the evening was mostly fun, but matt’s mom was there and we managed to not get along very well.

i don’t know what i’m going to do later this week.  matt wants to stay at his mom’s a couple of nights, and i don’t want to be anywhere near her.  she just kept making these little snide comments at me.  and matt says i was rude to her in my efforts to not have to go along on their mother-son shopping trip sometime this week.  shopping with matt can be really irritating – not always, just sometimes.  shopping with matt’s mom is even worse.  i can’t imagine shopping with both of them.  a lesson in how stores cater to the compulsive shopping mentality?  argh.  sounded like torture.  how often can i say, "no, i really don’t want/need/like that" or "really, we have plenty of that already"? 

well, anyway.  we’ll see how the week pans out.

by the way, since i think i forgot to mention:  derby was AWESOME!  and it was great to see everyone we saw.  fantastic night!