well, we made it safely to MN.  got really lucky on the plane:  we had 2 seats in the middle row of 4… and the plane was pretty full.  but then… no one sat down with us!  so we had all that extra space the whole way.  and VOD screens!  and the food didn’t have bell peppers!  yes!

ceese & bob (matt’s dad & stepmom) picked us up, took us to their place.  we fell asleep for HOURS.  then we went to dinner with caly & scott, who suggested the happy gnome, on selby, for dinner.  it was delicious, and the beer was excellent.  and we were exhausted, so we went to their place, chatted a bit, stole their car, and off we went home to sleep. 

did i mention how awesome it is that they are letting us borrow their car???  it’s really really awesome!  saves us tons of money, which is really important right now.  i think this is the first trip to the states where we really CAN’T afford to do lots of shopping.  too bad.  bare necessities only.  like neosporin, and sudafed.  🙂

tonight, we HOPE to go to the derby match.  matt’s feeling a bit unsure about it, but i think i’m going anyway.  so hopefully i’ll see a few people there!  before that, we don’t really have plans.  we are thinking of running over to victor’s for breakfast, then i have some important errands to run – bank, t-mobile store, like that.  and we are supposed to help some with the prepping for tomorrow’s thanksgiving feast here at bob & ceese’s.  so i may need to make pies.

tomorrow, sunday, we have family stuff.  it starts in early afternoon (say 1ish) and could go on all evening (i don’t know).  so if anyone has only tomorrow to see us, please call us here at the number i posted yesterday or the day before, and we can still squeeze you in anyway.  there are several non-thanksgiving-day family required things, and everyone here knows that i at least am here primarily to see friends.  🙂

right.  there are the immediate plans.  i hope to see many of you soon!


      1. They don’t generally, but we might have extra trackside seats (season tickets only), if you’re interested. I’ll ask.

      2. Ffft I just checked my email and behold… if you two are interested I DO have 2 extra trackside (basically sitting on the track). Let me know either way,$10 ea.

      3. if they don’t take you up on that offer, let me know.. i know a couple people who would be interested.

      4. Since I haven’t heard from them or anyone else, your people are welcome to them. It would save me the trouble of having to sell them AT the venue.

        You can reply here or at crackbunnie @ yahoo dot com

      5. Our ticket outlets sold out (or came close to it), so you might want to take her up on the offer.

      1. Me: Unemployment for 2 months with some continuing car troubles.

        I would love to come up and see you guys however it doesn’t look good. 😦

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