new plan

well, matt is in menomonie, wisconsin.  his grandma marge died this morning.  (it was expected, and emotionally not so big a shock as usual, thank goodness for something.)  i made a stupid crack when i woke up to his brother, who’s sick, about how he didn’t have to go to menomonie because he’s sick… lucky him.  then i learned that she’d passed away.  oops.  stupid stupid.  they had been planning to go because she was nearing the end.  it was a tasteless crack in both cases, but anyway.  done is done.

today i have been reading and drinking coffee in bed.  i will call corey soon to tell him that i think i’ll skip out on his family’s thanksgiving dinner.  i’m enjoying the alone time, and matt is expected home midday after all, so … i’ll stick around here and wait for him.  maybe clean up the kitchen and run some of the laundry i’ve noticed piling up by the washing machine.

i think we’re going to his mom’s tonight to spend time with his grandma jeanne.  then hopefully to chamber tonight.  depends on energy.  last night we pooped out after a long and wonderful day of seeing people and hanging out at favorite places.

tomorrow we have coffee scheduled with scott and sara, then thanksgiving at matt’s mom’s.  then we will go to kitty kat club for dangerboard.  🙂  at least, i will definitely go.  matt will see.

saturday i am interested in meeting up at triple rock for brunch.  anyone else?  and if so, what time is good for peeps?

matt will be staying longer in minnesota if klm will oblige him to attend his grandma’s funeral.  he’s working on that now.  unfortunately, these cheap fares were due to take-off fares, which are usually not changeable.  we’ll see.

more as i know it.


    1. i’ll get back to you on that. let’s tentatively say 10/11? i’ll have to check with matt, because i don’t remember the details of his mom’s day, and also who knows how his grandma’s death affects his plans.

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