today i was bicycing along and was stopped in my tracks by … a pair of boots in the window of a store in the 9 straatjes.  it’s a large clothing shop on the same block with zipper, a 2nd hand shop i sometimes find nice things in.

i went inside to look closer.  they had 3 lacings, front and offset front left & right.  they had 2 zippers, one on each side entire height.  they had the perfect heel height – for dancing & walking. 

they were 990 euros.




i don’t think i’ve ever seen a pair of boots that were 990 euros.  but i had to try them on.  the women were really sweet – they went looking in the basement for my size (39) and came back, fortunately, with only a 38 and a 40.  i tried on the 40 just for fun.  gorgeous.  but too big.

they asked if they should call their berlin store to see if they still had another pair in 39.  🙂

how sweet.  but seriously, how can you be SOLD OUT of a pair of boots that costs 990 euros???? who spends 990 euros on a pair of boots?  how many did they have in stock originally?  maybe they only had one pair.  honestly, not likely.

are there really that many people around with that much to waste on one pair of admittedly DROP DEAD GORGEOUS boots?

and if you ever want to go into a store with way-over-your-price-range clothes and accessories and be treated like royalty regardless of your shaggy red dreadlocks and not exactly expensive clothes, then i recommend the lovely staff at…. van r…. i WILL remember the name of the shop and add it later.

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