nice nice nice warm fuzzy

last night was st. martin’s night.  i stocked up on candy, and there were TONS of children around our neighborhood, with glowing lanterns.  but no one rang the bell.  i kept all the lights on and everything.  maybe people have to know me better first.  but i only saw kids.  i didn’t see any supervising adults.  mostly kids between ages 7 and 13, from the looks of them.  they were really sweet to look at out the window.

then we went to see wim wenders’ king of the road.  it was excellent.  i started to lose track of it sometime around the long night that they spent at the home of bruno’s mother, but it was pretty late and the scene was dark, and i was pretty tired.  all in all, though, i really enjoyed the images and the feel of it.  i think now that i would have enjoyed other wim wenders movies i’ve seen better if i’d seen them in a dark theatre on a big screen.

and today…
well, have i mentioned lately that i really like my job these days?  i had a pretty rough 6 months or so, and then a month or two ago it started drastically improving.  i’m really doing research now, and i spend a lot of time browsing video sites and putting together mini-reports on them.  well, and a lot of time talking to our external IT department, because we seem to never have working machines.  but that’s something else entirely.

my boss just sprang for lunch, take-away from a very nice italian restaurant around the corner.  it was excellent, and my tummy is all full of warm yummy italian flavors.

blah blah.


  1. Italian restaurant for lunch?? The only “free lunch” I ever seem to get here is a cold broodje kaas…..once after being treated to this, I ran off to Taco Shop afterwards 😉

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