missing step-sister found!

this morning i had some amazing news…

many years ago, my stepsister, lani, ran away.  i wasn’t around much in those years, so i don’t know the details, but she must have been pretty unhappy, obviously.  my parents hired a private detective, but although there were occasional leads, he never found her.  at one point, he had narrowed her down to a shelter in san francisco, and matt and i happened to also be in san francisco around the time, so we spent about 6 hours sitting in their lobby, because they wouldn’t confirm if she was there or not, but said we were welcome to hang out in case she came through.  she didn’t.

my stepdad, of course, has never stopped looking.  i don’t know how he found her, or if he’s been paying a detective all this time, but this morning i opened my email to find an email from him with her address and a little information.  i’m going to write her right away!

on a related but much sadder note, i have just learned last week that my grandparents are in a nursing home.  this makes two urgent letters with photos that i need to be writing right away.

guess what i’ll be up to tonight?  i had been thinking about a movie at de nieuwe anita or wherever, but i think this takes precedence.


  1. Wow. I’m glad to hear that your stepsister was found, hopefully in a much better place in her life. I hope you’ll be able to reconnect with her.

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