1. That would be soo cool to go on! wish I had the $1800 – $2k to do this, but more importantly, the time off to do it as well.

    Not to mention the fact – can anyone really see me on that cruise? lol… poser that I am, I would be thrown off on the first day I think.

  2. ooh, my goth cred rating

    is falling quickly.

    The whole combo of goth-cruise-florida is doing my head in.

    That and of the star attractions, I only know Ronan Harris. Mind you, he’s very cool (got to chat with him in Prague a few months ago). Just not exactly worth the price of admission.

    In a related category, though, are you guys going to see Nick Cave 28 April?

    1. Re: ooh, my goth cred rating

      combichrist rocks!!!!!!! one of my super favorite bands. and they’ll be there.

      as for mr. cave. i’m glad that i can honestly say i’ll be on my super-roadtrip to st. petersburg at the time, since the tix are so damn expensive.

      best time i saw him: prague, 1997! they LOVE him there… it was amazing.

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