return to the chaos.

when i get home and can upload my istanbul (and all old) photos, i’ll post about the trip.

but today was insane.  woke up with a pain in my back, that i think happened when manhandling my luggage yesterday.  damn, after 2 wonderful hammam experiences, to ruin all those massages that way really sucks.

got on my bicycle on way to work.  was nearly killed by a truck that decided to take a right turn without signalling or checking his blind spot.  i yelled really loud while trying to get out of the way, and he stopped.

then, got hit by a bicycle when both he and a car decided to ignore their little yield triangles and go right through me.  i had a choice of getting hit by the car or by the bicycle.  i chose the bicycle.  it hurt, but not too badly, and i got to enjoy yelling at both of them for their illegal and dangerous behavior.  rather wish i’d yelled even more. 

got to work to find a disaster area.  turns out that of my 3 full-time colleagues, 1 (my boss): mother died, incorrectly booked flight to canada for funeral, leaving today, that i had to fix all the plans for (no problem, but time-consuming and rush). 2: had been in barcelona while i was gone, for a conference.  had bag stolen with EVERYTHING in it, big fight with boyfriend and boss and best friend/colleague, and just got in late late last night.  3: sick at home, after having a hell week dealing with all the problems that had gone on during past 4 days.

my temp replacement had been forced to deal with all this in my absence, and done a pretty damn good job, from all evidence, but wow…. there is a lot here to fix up.  so i’ve been working my ass off all day.

now, it’s the birthday of both those afore-mentioned colleagues, and they’ve managed to make up, reschedule their cancelled birthday party, and even somewhat patch things up with the one’s boyfriend. 

matt and i HAD planned a relaxing night at home with season 2 of Rome, but…  much crying ensued when i said i wasn’t sure i’d be able to make it… so i think i’ll try to show up at the “party”, at least for a little while.

holy shit.  i actually feel better about my not-so-wonderful morning, after all that drama!