argh.  have been INSANELY busy at work lately.  in addition to all my normal work, my boss has been forwarding me all these industry newsletters to read through, print out relevant articles, and add to our ongoing research library and indexes.  we’ve been a bit crazy with other things, so these had gotten rather backed up.  i’d double-checked with my colleague, who used to be in charge of these things, to make sure i had the task right.  she confirmed it, and thanked me for taking care of it, since she’s been overwhelmed with other stuff lately. 

yesterday, i spent ALL day working on it.  all day.  and wasn’t finished yet.  and got a bunch of new ones from my boss.

then, just a few minutes ago, she comes in to explain how she wants me to add some other things on.  i explained that i wasn’t sure i’d be able to, since right now the backup was insane… and i showed her what we have to do to accomplish this thing she’s asked for. 
she said that it was ridiculous.  she recommended “another” way to do it.  i showed her that indeed, her “other” way was exactly what i had been doing.  she looked baffled.  said she couldn’t imagine that it should be taking so much effort to do it.  then she said that i shouldn’t do it; that my colleague should do it.  i said that my colleague had too much on her plate already, which is why it had been delegated to me.  she said in that case, i should scrap the whole project. 

the whole project. 

not that i’m attached, just that’s a lot of work i did yesterday, that she even wants me to throw out.  really.  she said she’d go through it tomorrow and see if there’s any reason to keep any of it, and otherwise throw the whole thing out.

i asked her what she wants me to do with all the newsletters she’s STILL forwarding to me.  she said … um, keep them in your inbox until we sort out what to do with them.

that’ll be never.

anyway, i decided to subject my colleagues to my visit to combichrist’s myspace page for a little musical therapy.  for me.  🙂  it was lovely.  in a … you know… not very lovely way.  🙂


  1. …. I think your combichrist reply was the only right thing to do in this case…. how about letting your boss enjoy some of it too ?

  2. Um. yeah…

    frustration… this is what work is designed for.

    “This shit will fuck you up…”

    Not quite what they were alluding too, I’m sure, but my office wont even let me listen to Combi even on my headphones… Makes me “machine-like and aggressive”.

    I think we need to be the bosses.

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