exhausted monday morning

been at work now 40 minutes and can barely keep my eyes open.  maybe in need to make another coffee.
we went to living in oblivion last night.  i can’t believe i ever DON’T go.  🙂  it was a great time.  met lots of interesting people, and talked more with people i’d already met. 
sadly, although it wasn’t raining today, i can’t get “fietsen in de regen” out of my head (sung to the tune of riders on the storm, and sung for my appreciation by one of the new acquaintances last night).  this is sad because i don’t remember the rest of the words.  i have the same problem with “staan wij in de file” from the koen en sanders show.  then i’m stuck singing the first line then hmmm hmm hmming the rest, until it seems time to sing the first line again.

i’m going for more coffee.

later today i’ll try to post something about matt’s birthday party, which will be on saturday 19january.