happy new year!

i’m not going to bother with a long description of what i’ve done for the past 2 weeks, or on new year’s eve…  if you want to know, you can read matt’s lj for it: thisc0rrosion.  🙂  i’m just too damned lazy. 


 & troy FOR A FANTASTIC FUN NEW YEAR’S PARTY!  i had a great time and went home all babbly drunk (much as i was for most of the party).  couldn’t shut up on the bus.  couldn’t shut up in maoz falafel when we stopped for the LAST falafel broodjes of the night.  🙂 

you know, i liked the people i met at your party very much!  i will have to pester you for contact info!  i’ll try to remember.

in other news:

not so big thanks to

 for her cold.  😛  i was pretty sick on friday and saturday after karl & erika’s party.  must have gotten it from you.  🙂  but felt better enough by new year’s to drink myself silly.  i think the bubbly pretty much killed the rest of my germs.  and… i need to remember to pester you for info on your party rental supplier.  must plan matt’s bday bash!!!
enough for now… back to work!


  1. Oops. Sorry. Be glad you’re already over it. I’m still sick. Spent New Year’s Eve sniffling and watching bad Dutch television. 🙂

    1. poor thing. 😦 is b cooking you lots of healthy soup?

      yeah, i admit i got off lucky. and maybe i didn’t even get it from you… it was just the timing that made me point my finger at you. heh heh.

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