Matt’s Cocktail Party Birthday Bash! (finally)

Time: 8pm onwards
Date: Saturday 19 January
Place: Prins Hendrikkade 510 t/o 125, Amsterdam (for more info, please ask)

Things to bring:  
Warm coat for hanging out outside and/or slippers for hanging out inside
Beer or other beverages that you want (We WON’T be providing.)
Perhaps a bottle of something mixable that would be useful in making cocktails (We WILL be providing, but it helps to have more)
A friend (and we’re not opposed to a few friends – just let us know first)

So, what are we up to?
We’re having a party, duh.
We’re renting a tent/ terrace warmer(s) for outside, so that we don’t have to stay cramped in the boat.  But we can be in both places.
We WILL have music outside.  (With any luck, we’ll figure out how to make it good and LOUD – no current tourist boats on pier to worry about!)
We WILL have a fire outside.
Sharon WILL make lots of cocktails (menu as yet to be determined) and get you smashed.  🙂  (No, Karl, i am NOT a cocktail perfectionist; but it will be yummy)
We will make some munchies and cake.  If you like bringing stuff like that, let us know and we can talk about what is handy.

We DO have sleeping space for out-of-towners this time.  First come first serve.  If you have friends you could stay with in Amsterdam, feel free to invite them, too.

Send an email to if you need more details.


  1. Depending on a friend of mine who is going to drive me to gothoord I might be able to stop by for just a quick visit, but I’m dj’ing that evening so it is all unsure.

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