new job… and ever so sick.

last thursday, i was supposed to start my new job.  but i waited for almost an hour at the office, and no one showed up, so i left.  turns out they forgot i was coming in.  heh heh.  no big deal.
friday, flew to london, where i spent the weekend sick and imbibing mass quantities of medicine.  yuck.  what a waste.  still managed to shop, but absolutely didn’t manage to party.
sunday, after delays, finally got home around midnight.  next day, tried to sms both jobs (new and old) to get out of coming in.  old job:  no one else available to work, so i had to.  new job:  no one got my message, so i showed up with medicine and kleenex, and was promptly sent back home.  still had to work evening at restaurant, which only made me worse.
tuesday: called in again to new job.  stayed home all day, in an attempt not to talk (because even whispering hurt).  rested.  watched movies from the library.
wednesday: went to new job.  heh heh.  here’s how the day went:
10:00 – i arrived, as did thera.  kirsty and ian arrived between then and 11.  was given basic tour of duties by the girl who i’ll be replacing (thera).  this went on until 1, when we all 4 went to a fancy restaurant nearby for a “business lunch.”  2 hours at lunch, including wine, appetizers, main courses, desserts and coffee.  returned to office, where we stayed another hour or so, then everyone left.
luckily, since i still barely talked (and, by the way, didn’t have much at lunch:  juice, salad, coffee), kendall was able to work for me at the restaurant.
thursday: today.  thera and i got in at 11, ian a little later. kirsty’s working from home.  so far, i’ve gone through the mail, read the “readings” file, and looked up some conferences they’ll be attending, so i have a sense of what is done here.  then i checked email.  now i’m doing this.  kirsty’s coming in soon, and i may do some filing.  woo-hoo.

i think things will get occasionally very hectic here, but with wendy (the boss) and amy (the other colleague) on vacation, there’s very little to do for me and for thera, as PA’s. 

i’m definitely going to need to plan on a better exercise program, since it sounds like rather filling meals are frequently done here for lunch.  and the office gets deliveries from the supermarket, including everyone’s favorite snacks, every two weeks.  yikes.  and i guess i’ll probably also get readdicted to various online comics.  damn.  i thought i’d kicked the habit good.  🙂


  1. so what and where is your new job actually??? Tell me, tell me, I live vicariously through everyone…

    1. heh. 🙂 poor thing.
      the new job is with a film rights company in oud zuid. small office. 3 colleagues and one boss. pretty relaxed atmosphere, although i hear that before big conferences when everyone’s got flights and hotels etc to worry about, things get pretty crazy. understandably. and some other times, too.

      more later, perhaps.
      you feel better! that’s an order! good luck with the surgery!

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