holy shit…

wow.  got unintentionally embroiled in other people’s drama this weekend.  a very messy breakup between 2 people i barely know.  i’ve had good somewhat drunken conversations with each of them exactly once, so feel absolutely no loyalty to either of them.  but one spent the night over here, in the guest bedroom,  this past saturday night, resulting apparently in being locked out of the house upon returning home.  and how did i get involved, exactly?  by telling the other one off when i was rudely called (without my knowing said person had my phone number) and yelled at to account for all activities of the previous evening.  said activities, by the way, were:  attending the opening of the new library, having dinner at home with matt and ivo, trying on various clothes in preparation for an upcoming costume event, then going out to a couple of bars, NOT flirting with anyone, chatting and enjoying some expensive cocktails, and rudely rebuffing a drunken swede.  sounds really sinister, doesn’t it?  of course, not knowing any of the back story (which amazingly, we did NOT talk about), who am i to say?

anyway, i am bowing out.  i’m just upset because these are good friends of dick’s, which meant good potential friends for me, and now it’s unlikely i’ll be friends with either of them.  just too damn messy.

on the upside:  have a new job.  start tomorrow.  so, more tomorrow, or soon thereafter.  🙂


  1. Maybe once the drama has blown over you can reassess a possible friendship with at least one of them…

    Drama sucks. Man I hate that shit.

  2. Sounds like my worst nightmare…. getting dragged into other people’s fights…. 🙂

    Congratulations on the new job !

    And see you soon.

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