matt and i are the owners of two chandeliers.  one is from ikea, that friends bought for us as a housewarming gift in maastricht.  it holds taper, or dinner, candles.  the other we bought two weekends ago while visiting the same friends (well some of them, anyway) in lyon.  it holds tealights.  we hung them a few days ago.  the taper one over the diningroom table, and the tealight one over the foot of the bed.

they rock.  i mean that literally, as in what a cradle does.  it’s a very constant reminder that we do not live on solid ground.  one forgets.  we get used to the motion, quite slight, of the boat.  but the chandeliers rock constantly, sometimes a lot.  🙂  i like it.

in other news, job prospects are opening up.  the film company that i interviewed at several months ago, and who recommended me to another film company last week, just sent me another email saying that they now have an unexpected opening.  fascinating.  anyway, i’m going in to chat with them on thursday morning.

and, further interesting news.  my brother is writing a book!  he sent me the outline, which at first glance (all i’ve so far had time to do), looks very very interesting.  i would read it.  🙂  and no doubt will.  eventually.  the book, that is.  obviously, i’ll read the outline. 

it’s raining, and i’m off to work soon.  last night i was so amazingly busy.  we ran entirely out of food.  by an hour before “kitchen closed.”  tonight i have to call a coworker to try to arrange some hour swapping.