weekend ramblings

moving into july, the weather decided yesterday to be lovely.  after listening to my crazy austrian pothead boss rant and rave about coming ice ages and how there is no such thing anymore as summer, it was very nice to enjoy the first day of july by wandering around the outskirts of the city with matt and dick.

first stop was an organic/recycled crafts market in beatrix park, where we discovered that while living across the street from it, we never noticed a very nice restaurant.  maybe it was closed in the winter.  service was ridiculous, but the food was fresh and lovely.  at the craft fair, matt bought me a new purse made from used innertubes.  šŸ™‚  i like it.

then we wandered off in the direction of jane and jonathan’s place, closer to the vondelpark.  jane refused to leave the house, and i refused to go in, since it was so gorgeous out for the first time in 2 weeks.  jonathan joined us out at a nearby tapas restaurant.  after an hour and some, matt went home to nap.  a while later, jonathan went to drop off his library videos and go home.  dick and i walked through the vondelpark, then took a bus from leidseplein home.

at home, napping on the benches of the garden was a priority, until matt made delicious lunch, then dick went home to utrecht.

matt and i got ready to go out to living in oblivion, which was really fun.  we are starting to know more people, so talked to the ones we knew a bit, then i ended up talking to a very nice american living in london who had been (with friends) in the restaurant the night before.  they were all there, but i ended up chatting with her most of the evening.  really fun, too.  when they left, matt and i danced a bit, chatted a bit more with the couple of people we know, then went home.

it was a nice day, all in all.

today seems to be landlord day.  piet-with-haircut has been by several times already.  the doorbell keeps ringing.  šŸ™‚  piet-with-haircut is nearly unrecognizable from the guy we originally rented the boat from.  weird.  he says he gets one around summer solstice every year. 

what did i do saturday?  don’t remember.  no, really i do.  i had a nice relaxing day with matt, then went to work.  work was insane, and i didn’t get home until 1am.  ugh.  see, nothing much to report.

why is it that tourists never take the buses?  only the trams.  the trams are always crowded and unpleasant in the center, as a result, whereas the buses are so very relaxed.  lots of seats, and they’re usually padded.  yay.