weird-ass keyboards!

how is it that i’ve never known that french keyboards are different?  i haven’t typed so slowly in YEARS!

i started working last week at a vegetarian restaurant on spuistraat, green planet. i’m waitressing. matt’s loving having me not around; who’d have guessed?  i work 3 nights a week. 

visiting with michi now in paris.  it’s great to be here. i’ve missed it.  we went to the supermarket and i drooled over the luscious foods!  i saw what i’m missing in the netherlands.  oh man!

well, it’s so annoying to type that i’ll stop now.


  1. I learned to loathe those keyboards when I went to Paris and visited the internet cafes… Blah!

    Good to hear things are going your way! πŸ™‚

  2. I didn’t have any problems with the keyboards in Spain! Azerty… wierd. yeah, I don’t think I could type on those. I would be the one bringing my own keyboard with me.

      1. ha. i didn’t think of changing the keyboard to english. just didn’t occur to me. and actually, the main problem with me typing on the azerty keyboard was that i usually DON’T look at the keyboard, and am a pretty fast typist. i kept ending up with weird things that i’d then have to delete and try again.

        πŸ™‚ oh well. next time. home again now. still no home internet, though. borrowing matt’s computer at the moment.

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