in between guests and travel…

so here i am in a brief respite between travel and guests.  i was in paris last week visiting michi, came back, toured our friend michael and his visiting sisters around amsterdam saturday and sunday, and spent today cleaning the house (round 1) in preparation for matt’s mom and her girlfriend’s visit, starting next saturday.

did i mention i’m waitressing?  can’t remember.  anyway, i’ve got 5-10 minutes until i need to head out of here (the library) to go to work.  fortunately, it’s a rainy quiet day on the streets.  maybe it’ll be similarly quiet at work.  that’d be great.  i’m feeling exhausted and kind of crabby today.  got a lot done, though.

my stepdad, cey, is undergoing a SERIOUS back surgery tomorrow.  it sounds terrifying.  pre-op is today, so i sent off a big package of treats and suchlike for his recovery period, which will be 6-12 months.  if it goes well at all.  crossing fingers. 

i have defeated the goddamn aphids on all the rosebushes, with help from green soap and rain, but now the plum tree is beset with little black bugs.  nasty.

thank goodness wave gotik treffen in leipzig is coming up.  i can’t wait.  matt and i have finally paid for our tickets (we booked hotel months ago), and we plan to motorcycle there and back.  i am in desperate need of a road trip, especially since the rain made me choose the train over the bike to paris last week.  then of course paris was gorgeous and sunny the whole time.  damn it.  🙂

heading out now.  smooch!


  1. *thwap* you wuz in Paris and didn’t ring me?!!!! 😦
    We just got internet sorted out at site and hotel this weekend (mind some of us still don’t have oh, electricity and hot water in this newly built hotel), been out of loop for nearly 2 weeks. argh. Matt had told me long ago you were coming, but not when, so not to post corset. But as I am now in a civilized Post country, I’ll send it out on Thursday.
    Hope all goes well for your step dad.

    1. aaggh! that’s annoying. i DID call you, and text you, but the calls didn’t go through and the texts said they were delivered, but i never heard back from you. i texted you every day i was there. and then i texted matt, to check your old posts to see if you’d changed contact info, since you hadn’t responded.

      any chance you’ll be in amsterdam? i won’t be in paris again until fall, i think. although… come to think of it… my friend michi’s sister is in paris, and i bet you could give her the corset and i can get it from her. i’ll check out the contact details.

  2. Its good to hear from you again on that semi regular basis. You and Matt keep coming up in conversations I’ve been having with the scary locals in Winona so its always good to hear new stuff (locals are having a hard time with the idea of someone not wanting to live in the States. I keep telling them there is a world beyond the US border but they sound doubtful).

    1. hmmmph. and i try to explain to europeans that there are americans who have a difficult time with that concept, and they don’t get it. argh.

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