living at the library

here i am at the library again with 3 minutes to go for time.  so i’m posting.  this morning i picked bob and ceese (matt’s dad and stepmom) up at schiphol.  they’re napping, so i decided to bicycle over to the library to do my taxes.  i successfully navigated the belastingdienst website, and declared my so far non-existent business to have not gotten any money so far, thus nothing to pay.  thank goodness for that, or i would have needed my dictionary.  i tried to phone in for help yesterday, but the man on the phone refused to speak slower or rephrase when i didn’t know a word.  he just repeated the word over and over.  i asked if maybe i could speak to someone else in english, and he said it was against policy.  argh.  but it’s done now.

oops.. out of time.  bye!