successful party!

wow!  amazing!  we knew enough people in the area to have a successful party on saturday!  i was shocked.  actually, i’m feeling kind of guilty, because matt did all the inviting.  i didn’t bother inviting anyone, so that especially included people we know in maastricht.  i didn’t think about it.  anyway, we had tons of people.  2 from maastricht, several from rotterdam, a huge group of ikea people from delft, and a surprising number of people from amsterdam and surroundings.  yay!  we almost had more non-ikea than ikea people.  šŸ™‚ (that would be a rather wry grin… there were a shitload of ikea people…. we’ll have to meet more non-ikea people.)

anyway, i think it was a good start.  oops, and i see i’m less than 2 minutes away from being out of time.  damn.

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  1. šŸ™‚ It was fun. And you’re right about the Ikea people. Although they were nice too šŸ™‚

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