another long while

hi there.  well, as i’m sure everyone knows, we moved into the houseboat almost a month ago.  amazing.  so we’re settling in and having a great time there.  i’m learning that waking up early is practically a given on a boat.  first, so much sun comes in the bedroom windows that it’d be hard to sleep in anyway, but also, the people who live and work on the water seem to start their noisy days earlier than other people.  ugh.  but other than getting ridiculously tired by around 11pm, i’m liking it just fine.

we still don’t have internet at home, so i’m at the library, using some of my free daily time.  i can’t wait to get our connection set up properly.  i hate having time limits to pay attention to, and i have a bunch of stuff i’d like to be looking into.  anyway, i just wanted to do a quick update.  that’s all for now.


    1. not to worry. our address at wielingenstraat is lived at by some great people, who we’ll be having over for dinner or something very soon, so if you sent something there it will be fine!

      1. *smile*

        …of course, you could do that too!

        Probably easier that way, as other people might want it as well, huh?

        I’m glad to see that you posted; I was just thinking about you two the other day.

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