crappy day

i am having a crappy day.  woke up limping from having fallen on my bicycle last night (icy roads and i was actually trying to stop to help another guy who’d fallen), then bicycled in pain to see another apartment.  then called the doctor about other medical problems that keep popping up to make my life miserable, including a cold sore that has decided to encompass my entire mouth.  yay for those little cold sore patches that i bought a couple of weeks ago… but i’ve got them completely plastering my mouth now, and it hurts anyway. 

anyway, the receptionist asked me if i’d be able to come in between 11 and 12 today.  i said yes, then spent 2 hours waiting around until it was finally 10:45 and i could go over there.  got there, and she said, “well! i expected you a bit earlier,” in that finger-wagging tone of voice.  it turns out she’d MEANT to say, “before 11 to 12.” on the telephone, and had used the wrong preposition.  now, you ask, why wasn’t i speaking dutch during that telephone call, thus saving us the trouble? because i ran out of the right words to explain why i wanted to come in and so soon, and asked to switch to english.  but she was mad at me for the mistake, even if i wasn’t the one who said between instead of before, and spent 10 minutes haranguing me about it, until i told her to stop yelling at me and how could i get in to see a doctor today.  in the end, i waited an hour in the waiting room while the doctor had telephone appointments (although for the life of me i can NOT understand the purpose of telephone appointments, especially when i could hear through the door and she was only on  the phone about 5 minutes) then ended up being late to my appointment at the KvK (chamber of commerce) that i’ve been waiting for.  so they asked me to call tomorrow to work things out about that.

oh, and i still have to go back to the doctor tomorrow morning again.  but for now, i have a prescription for the cold sore. 

fucking doctors.  and fucking finger-wagging middle-aged dutch women.  what is it with the fucking finger-wagging thing, anyway?  it’s annoying as hell.

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