yay! punk happiness!

just got back from OCCII, which is quite near the place i was staying all last summer.  too bad i didn’t know it then.  anyway, we saw 3 bands, and i have much to say!  we left during the 3rd, not because we weren’t enjoying it, but because i didn’t give poor commuting matt time to nap before taking him out for yummy ethiopian food at addis ababa on overtoom and a concert.

so, while matt’s in the shower, i’ve stolen his computer for a quick recap.  well, i’ll try to be quick.

(excuses if i have the names of the bands wrong.  i have assumed the first was de bakfiets boys, etc. but i could be wrong.) the first band was de bakfiets boys.  very generic, but ok.  the second band, bratpack, was more fun.  i liked them a lot.  the third band, the holy mountain, were really hard and energetic.  i have never seen such a genuinely violent mosh pit.  seriously.  i’ve never seen chicken-fighting in a mosh pit.  chicken fighting.  mosh pit.  sound dangerous?  it was.  they’d get up there, try to punch somebody, then fall drunkenly off, narrowly missing being trampled.  i had a good view of all this because i was standing on one of the side benches so that i could better see everything.  some guy near me got accidentally bumped by another guy, thought the guy had done it deliberately, and had to be pulled away by his girlfriend.  the accidental bumper just looked confused, and his friend was trying to calmly persuade the fight-seeking guy to back off.  i saw the bump because i was watching the bumper, having determined he was possibly the queen bee of the hive mind that were the stripey-shirted people.  so i can verify that it was indeed accidental.  and not much of a bump, either.

in the last band, who rocked, the bassist reminded me of nathan (yep! you! if you’re reading this) at about mmmm i dunno, somewhere between 17 and 24.  i can’t remember when you cut your hair.  or when you looked like a logger.  but he had the long wavy huge amount of hair, general body and face shape, including the slouch.  i would guess he was in his early to mid 20’s, but not younger.  too much chest hair.  if he’d taken off one more article of clothing, i would have been able to see if he had awesome calves, but i doubt it.  πŸ™‚  you can keep your legendary claim to fame.  ha.

(i had another little segment here about a gea-lookalike also, but it just disappeared and won’t come back. i’m on matt’s computer because mine won’t let me post, and i’m having all kinds of weird experiences with it.  i just did a preview and the preview said that matt posted this.  but he didn’t.  and when i go to the top of this, i am definitely the logged in person.  so… i have no fucking idea.  and i’m going to take my shower now and give up.  enjoy this picture of my new toaster!)


    1. i couldn’t resist. besides, i was needing a toaster. it wasn’t any more expensive than a normal toaster, anyway. πŸ™‚

    1. well, you’ll have to get your ass over here and get them then. and you’ll have to rewire the toaster, of course. but somehow, i don’t think that will be a stumbling block. but seriously, consider well the idea of visiting. cheap tickets are sometimes available! and you could get a cool toaster.

      1. The rewiring would be a matter of replacing the heating elements and the plug that goes into the wall. The switch and rheostat would have no trouble handling the lower voltage, but the elements just wouldn’t be able to get toastin’ hot, I think.

        As for visiting — I will, as soon as I can afford it. You guys are at the top of the “Must-Visit” list.

  1. Oh, and I WILL keep my claim to fame, thank you very much. You BEST gimme a call when you get to these parts or there WILL be hell to pay, y’hear?

  2. Like everyone else, I want that toaster!!!!! I never get cool stuff in this god-forsaken, cultureless nightmare of a town….*sigh* (only four more months, ony four more months, only four more months, only four more months…)

    1. well, she wasn’t exactly a look-alike. but let’s say that instead of going goth-industrial, you’d gone punk. she didn’t have as much hair as you, but she was about your same age and shape, with similar facial expressions. (yes, she was also tall!) and she spent most of the night looking at the lps and cassettes for sale at the big stand of music. and when she went up front to dance/listen, she was extremely enthusiastic. so altogether, she made us think of you!

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