internet booths and more…

well, i can see the albert cuypmarkt in front of me as i sit in this no-nonsense internet/telephone provider with 2 minutes remaining on the clock.  

we are getting settled in here, and cat has done well with the move this time.  he’s very very relaxed, but needing a lot of cuddling.  no complaints there… usually he’s a bit stand-offish.

there are lots of restaurants near our temp apartment.  we ate at an indonesian one with matt’s brother morgan 2 nights ago.  delicious.  there are many japanese ones.  out of time!  smooch!


  1. It’s good to hear that you’re settling in… I need your new address so I can send you a letter. My writing has been long overdue.

    I’m craving Japanese food now.


  2. Yay, indonesian! I remember going for riistaffel (sp!) with when we were in Amsterdam.

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