just got home from a run and occasional walk of 1hour with annemette.  was so thirsty, and poured myself a big glass of bubbly water.  decided sweet was good, so dumped a bunch of blackberry syrup into it.  swirled it with a straw and then drank about half of it in one big slurp.  then stirred the straw around again, looked at it, and….

full of little ant bodies!

dead, of course… long time, too.  matt had some ant troubles while i was in amsterdam this summer.

ick ick ick.  i don’t know how many i must have drunk.

natuurlijk, i poured out the rest of the bottle.  too bad.  i liked the blackberry.  it’s my favorite.  i’ve been drinking it in things for quite some time now.  …. imagine all the other ant bodies i’ve probably drunk already.  ewwww….


    1. heh heh. yep… when i was little, i ate earwigs. all the time. loved the crunchy little things, and would dig them out of the sandbox. heh heh!

  1. I once discovered a similar tragedy concerning fruit flies and a bottle of soy sauce. gross! SUPER gross. but not dangerous. and at least ants aren’t scavengers the way flies are.

    besides, my dad always insisted that motorcyclists are known by the bugs in their teeth. (is that joke funny? I hope so…)

    hey, I know of an outgoing, clever, creative fellow expat living in Amsterdam who is lonely and hoping to make friends. this sounded like just the kind of dilemma you are a genius at solving. see here.

    1. hi doll!

      i’d be happy to get ahold of your friend, but i was confused by that link. can you give me a more direct contact link. sorry… i am internet stupid sometimes. 🙂

      1. ah, yeah. actually that’s kind of the middle of a somewhat complex process. the site it’s at,, is a kind of cross between a game and a meeting place. that page is the “proof” of a “task” for which Mr. Water Dragon has got points, and which I voted to garnish an extra few points.

        About it’s a game. it’s a game that involves making a character online and then scoring points by proving that you have accomplished various tasks of your choosing. Bonus points are possible, awarded by fellow players, so style and presentation are key! Collaboration is encouraged, though rivalries can be a lot of fun too. (Making up new tasks is one of the tasks a player can choose to do.)

        Water Dragon’s proof for the task “Dream about another player” revealed that he misses his friends. And since I miss you and , I thought it would be clever to introduce you! may I send him your email address so you guys don’t have to negotiate through a journal or a game?

      2. yeah, that sounds great! and OH YEAH… i remember you told us about SFO before. but yeah, i’d rather not go through it.

        so do send his email… we’ll be happy to make contact.

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