espresso and motorcycles

after my lesson yesterday, i went to see henk l. in den haag about my espresso business.  he was a wealth of information… definitely the man i should have talked to months ago.  on the other hand, would i have valued the information quite as much as i do now that i’ve had so much trouble finding it anywhere else?  back then, i might not have known just how helpful he is.  anyway, i have more of a direction now.  and a source for just about anything under the sun.

after seeing henk, i went to utrecht to have dinner and drinks with dick, and pick up the LETTER FROM zwier FROM TRIUMPH, telling the RDW (dutch DMV) what information to use to inspect my bike!  finally!!!!!  yay! 

so, this morning, after my student, i went to the RDW.  unfortunately, it was too late to get in for the inspection without an appointment (they schedule you on a first come- first serve basis at 7:45 in the morning).  i expected it might be the case, but had to try.  anyway, the woman at the desk made me an appointment for next friday (the 17th), and if i don’t have a student on monday morning, i may also go in then for the non-appointment time.  i’m only doing this because i think it won’t pass the first time, but i’m not sure what it will need to pass, so i need time for 2 appointments before my insurance runs out.  craziness.

anyway, all this has me feeling pretty positive.  now i’ve got some organizing and sorting to do, then i’m running with annemette at 2, then later one of the moving companies is coming over to take a look at the job.  🙂  heh heh… little do they know…