Shitty Gray Day

Ugh.  I am sitting in an internet cafe between Muntplein and Spui.  This is my 2nd time here, but the guy acts as if we’re old friends.  Funny.  The guy at the place I usually go to recognizes me, but doesn’t make conversation. 

This morning I had to wake up relatively early because I had an appointment to see an apartment on Amstel at 9:30, and before I went to that I wanted to try to email myself my newest version of my CV.  We don’t have internet yet at home, but Matt left his computer at home while he went to a training, and I can SOMETIMES get a wireless connection.  I got one this morning for barely enough time to get that CV on my email.  yay!

Went to the apartment.  Waited.  and some more.  The agent never showed up.  So I called him and left a grumpy message.  I haven’t heard back yet.  Then I tried to go to an internet cafe.  They were all closed.  All of them!  So I wandered and periodically went back to check on them… none opened.  So I wandered in the direction of my next house-viewing.  It was nice, but the agent was kind of bitchy.  Then I went to my next houseviewing, and NO SHOW AGAIN!!!  so when i called them, they told me that the appointment was at 3:15, not 1:15.  what can i say?  matt made that appointment, and wrote it down in my book.  and i had another one scheduled for 3, so i can’t do it.  so i rescheduled it for 3:45.  it’s going to be close.  anyway.  i have finally managed to email my CV off to that parttime desk job that will give me some money while I work on my espresso business stuff.  and now it’s nearly time to head off to my next appointment.  What a day.  I hope they show.  I’ve been looking forward to this one.  It’s on Spuistraat, and I like the place very much from the outside.  Well, I’m off.  tired of sitting here, and don’t want to look up things on the Kamer van Koophandel site today.  Ugh.  I don’t think I got enough sleep.

Tomorrow we’re going to Sweden for 4 days.  Bye!