too many things…

hello… i am very busy. my head is going to explode. anyone who reads my lj probably reads matt’s lj, and thus you all know why: we just found out we are going to be in amsterdam by december 1st. what does this mean i’m up to. for starter’s, let’s see what i was already up to….

1.  lessons – my 4 students, my dutch lesson, and my violin lesson
2.  importing the motorcycle… still working on that.
3.  planning my espresso business.  this is a HUGE project.  i need contacts for a million and one things, most notably right now:  an accountant, someone who can convert vehicles to food use, and paper cup suppliers (where the hell are they????).
4.  preparing our halloween cocktail party (locals only, my apologies… it’s on tuesday and i’m not dealing with overnights)

and here’s the new stuff, related to the move…
1.  cancelling services:  phone, electric, gas, water, internet, post forwarding, etc.
2.  throwing out crap
3.  looking for a temporary apartment
4.  occasionally peeking at things to buy, although we are moving too soon to really worry about it.  might as well save that.
5.  planning my espresso business even faster, because if i get up to amsterdam and procrastinate any longer, it will never fucking happen.
6.   ummm…. i forget.   all i know is that i’m crazy busy every day, nothing ever seems “done”, and i can’t sleep.  last night i didn’t fall asleep until after 5 a.m.  damn.  tonight i’m taking one of the sleeping pills matt’s mom arranged for me during the last insane move.

no, i didn’t cut away the new stuff.. just the old stuff.  i don’t want to get too crazy about the damn cut-aways.  ugh.  bye.  i’m hungry.  can’t remember eating.


  1. Eating is important. Do it.

    Good luck on your hassly stuff. It will all seem worthwhile after its over. Can guaruntee anything prior to that, though. =%>

  2. well, sounds hectic, but I’m thrilled to hear about both your upcoming cocktail party (because the world is righter with Matt & Sharon’s parties, even if I can’t attend them) and your new business. Best wishes!

  3. Wow. It is amazing how much stuff is going on in your life that I’d not heard of before. Your life is busy and hectic to be sure. On the plus side, I recall you not being overly happy unless life had some crazy hectic-ness to it. Good luck with everything!

  4. hey there

    Moving to Amsterdam, exciting! I’m moving myself, back to WA for awhile than I’ll be in Paris in January. I’m at work right now and am all dressed up in a blue blazer, which would probably look really cool with your hair. Did you ever get my cheese calender?
    -Milwaukee Trent

    1. Re: hey there

      yes, loved the cheese calendar. silly silly.

      hey, i want a snail mail address for you… i haven’t got anything. last thing i have is from mexico! then i could send you the occasional postcard!

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