Douglas Coupland

how is it that Microserfs has sat on my bookshelf for all these years and i haven’t read it?  i was sure i’d read it, absolutely sure.  but today, amidst a fit of important work avoidance, i decided to reread it.  and i haven’t read it in the first place.  although it’s got many similar themes to what i’ve just finished reading in Life After God, which i picked up day before yesterday in a bookstore in utrecht.  even some exact quotes.

i will return to it momentarily.  first i am heading to the jamin, to pick up some chewy sour candies or whatever similar treat strikes my fancy.  mmmmm….


  1. yet another book…

    ..that I’ve been meaning to read.

    Perhaps this particular book is similar to movies, in that you have actually already read it, but can’t seem to remember anything about it??

    I am currently reading “Cat’s Eye” by Margaret Atwood. I am liking it, but so far I’ve liked what I’ve read of hers.


    1. Re: yet another book…

      ha! you know me too well! it’s true, i do that with movies. but i’ve never done that with books. don’t know why, actually. maybe i become more involved with them. anyway, i’ve read it now! 🙂 might have to go to the library tomorrow for a new book.

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