temporary apartment found!!!

yay!  matt is on his way back from securing us our temporary apartment in amsterdam.  it is quite large, and mere minutes from amsterdam RAI train station.  it has a furnished guest bedroom, too!

basically, the idea was for us to have a furnished place we could live in while we hunt for a place to buy.  this place will be perfect.  the price was right, the size better than we could have hoped for, and the location fine.  i found it on the internet a couple of days ago, sent an email, and the owner got right back to me.  matt was going up for a dance party in amsterdam, so he also met with the owners.  yay!!!

so we’re set.  it’ll be ours from dec 1st to 25 march.  now there’s one less thing for me to stress about.  🙂


    1. 🙂 you noticed the hint to encourage visitors???
      i know our visits are a bit, well, difficult sometimes, but there’s more space at this coming place than previous places… if you’d like to come! we’d love to have you. you could even bring febbie, if you like… there are extra beds for the other extra rooms.

      1. I wish I could. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it. I’m trying to save as much money as I can so that I can move out of here. It’s very slow going, and so I think it’s going to be awhile before I can leave the country.

        Thanks for the invite though. My not coming to visit you in the wee moments of a new european move is going to be a break in tradition. Perhaps in March when you’re not ready for me; that would be more traditional afterall.


    1. hey you! do you have your june ticket yet? we’re so excited you’ll be here finally! by that time, we’ll even have our own place. who knows… maybe you’ll even be the first visitor in the new permanent home of matt and sharon. party central. 🙂

  1. speak to karen she has always wanted to visit amsterdam. she gets annoyed when i tell her ive been loads. the nearest she got was going to shipol for summer darkness

      1. you implied certain feelings of jadedness regarding amsterdam, goofball. but you can come too, if you can stand to lower yourself to the boredom…. what, you going to get garry to babysit? 🙂 and garry, before you send a hurt message of your own (should you read this), you’re also welcome. of course!


      2. Don’t be fooled into him being unloved and unwanted. I am sure that his kids will love him very much while we are partying and he is babysitting!!!

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