uh huh… free tix again!

yay! today i got more free tickets for cirque. nice, huh? these ones are for next friday’s matinee, and i’ve offered them to ivo and marieke. they weren’t planning on going at all, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? i think their reason was financial, though. ivo sounded pretty excited on the phone this afternoon.

in other news:

dick spoke to the triumph dealership this morning, because my bike isn’t safely ride-able until i get the left fork seal and brake pads replaced. they can pick it up from schiphol for me next week, but they won’t be able to do the repairs until the following week. bummer. still, the date i ride my baby here is rapidly approaching!!!

tuesday i will take all the papers in to have customs begin their thingy. and then i wait. again. damn i hate waiting.

matt’s on his way up here by train. we’re going to the shape of sin party tonight in alphen aan den rijn. somewhere along the line i’ll be needing a nap. but here i am, typing. hmmm….


  1. So…I don’t suppose you kids have any neferious plans for me when I arrive…

    And speaking of arriving, did I shoot you guys my arrival and departure schedules? If I haven’t let me know…Having someone meeting me at the airport or train station might be a good thing…Also knowing where I’m going might be a good thing too…Heh…

    1. hi! no nefarious plans as yet… but i’ll see what i can do. there’s not much going on, darkside-wise, that i’ve found. but perhaps we can find you other things….

      i’ll work on that this week, and let you know…


  2. oh boo hoo, you have to wait for your bike to ride around in the netherlands… and ride it to work for cirque. screw you hippy!

    kidding! you know i love you, baby.

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