cirque, summer camp, motorcycle… you know, NEWS…

that there is the ONLY photo i’ve taken since borrowing matt’s digital camera and moving up here for the summer. pathetic, huh. anyway, that was my first day of work… i was bicycling towards the tent and i noticed human shaped ants crawling all over it. they were cleaning. it looks like fun!

the first week was exhausting. the second week i managed to annoy all the kitchen staff by removing their towels from the laundry every morning when i came in. this is near the end of the third week, and i’ve managed to annoy the hula hoop girl. i’m doing great. ๐Ÿ™‚

actually, i enjoy working there. i’m having ups and downs with the local security. most of the time they’re really friendly, then they have little power trips, then they switch back to friendly. today the one who i mostly interact with was explaining to me how he’s a biker. he has a really ugly old kawasaki that’s parked out front every morning. he’s had it for 19 years. that it runs well enough to commute every day speaks in its favor.

oh, on to… SUMMER CAMP…

so, i invited myself along to a night at a summer camp for 9 – 11 year olds. ivo and marieke and dick were all going, and the kids were playing “hotel” for the night. so. unfortunately, i was exhausted, and didn’t do a great job of playing along. ivo insisted that i should only speak english to the kids, but i kept getting confused. and sometimes i really really missed what the hell was going on. i got “volunteered” for participation in a skit. i have no idea. someone was taking pictures. egads.

the only really horrible part was when i needed to go to sleep, and i was just starting to relax when all the grownup guests came in after the “disco.” they didn’t have the excuse of being drunk, because there was only small amounts of liquor available, so i have no idea what caused them to loudly talk and switch the dorm lights on and off. once again i am reminded of how much i hate slumber parties. a lesson relearned. over and over. why don’t i just give up?

so after leaving before breakfast, dick dropped me off at the utrecht train station for the ride to work. amazingly, after all that, i caught the early train and got to work almost 1/2 hour early! and, 5 minutes before getting into the amsterdam bijlmer station, my phone rang!

it was the shipping company who had received my motorcycle here in the netherlands!!!!!! so, my bike is here. unfortunately, i can’t get the papers until monday, although i did call and try to get them delivered to me here today. i even did it right away in the morning. but i still managed to miss the driver who had left to try me at my apartment in maastricht. anyway, i can get them monday, then tuesday after work i will go into the shipping office and get the paperwork done. then customs needs to ok it, and then hopefully i might be able to leave with it on tuesday. maybe. the woman on the phone was very hesitant to make any such suggestions. she said customs can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. or longer. and i still need to make an appointment to get the fork seals and brake pads replaced. ugh.

anyway, that’s the news as of this moment. i am preparing to leave kristie’s apartment, where i have been cat and house sitting. i will be returning to jane’s apartment next tuesday, then jane will go on vacation. my weeks are going so quickly, and i never get anything done! how is this possible?


  1. “my weeks are going so quickly, and i never get anything done! how is this possible?”

    This is just about a litany with me. I don’t get it either.

    Annoying the hula hoop girl sounds like fun, actually. Hula hoops are very popular around here, there are hula hoop nights and what not at our local co-op. I find it all a bit ridiculous.

    1. ah, but what this girl can do with a hula hoop! or 4… and a ribbon. ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s pretty amazing. but she’s 19, and keeps coming in early and blasting awful russian pop music.

      1. heh. sounds kinda kinky. ๐Ÿ™‚
        I’m sure its all very cool. I’d like to see more pics, if/when you take them.

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