beautiful motorcycle, rainy weather

yesterday after work, i took the metro then the train then the bus to the shipping company near schiphol to give them the paperwork they needed to present to customs.

and i got to see my bike!!!!! oooohhhh, it’s beautiful! and mine! and here! and mine! and here! yay!

so here’s the run-down:
1. customs will decide it’s clear (probably within a day or so)
2. i will go to shippers and pay… probably a lot
3. mechanic will pick up bike from shippers and take to shop
4. next week, mechanic will replace fork seals and brake pads, plus any other things necessary to clear european standards.
5. i will apply for a one day temporary license plate, so that i can drive to the inspection office.
6. they will inspect it that everything is to european standards.
7. i will receive the paperwork (if i don’t have to do it again), and can apply for a permanent license plate
8. i will receive a permanent license plate
9. then i can ride.

no, i have NO IDEA how long this is going to take, but it’s pouring buckets on us here right now, so the weather is cooperating to make me feel less bad about the fact that i’m not riding AT THIS MOMENT.

which is good, i guess. but it’s quite rainy.

i tried to take a picture of my bike sitting in the warehouse, but the battery was dead on the camera. damn it.