kumulus centrum voor de kunsten

well, i don’t have much time right now, but i wanted to update quickly. i’ll try to get on and read about friends later this afternoon or tomorrow.

yesterday was my big art day at kumulus. i went to metalsmithing for the first time, and pottery. metal was difficult. try learning something complicated and entirely new in another language. yikes. i mean, i’ve had a basic understanding of many of the other things i’ve tried to do in dutch, but wow. and the teacher speaks really really fast. he has a lot to tell us about. i was pretty confused, but in the end, had made good progress on our first project, a 4cm x 4cm pin or pendant using 2 sheets of metal, one cut up and puzzled back together, then soldered onto the other. so far, i’ve made a design (which took about an hour, i might add, and got a very confusing lecture on the process of design, which i didn’t follow at all), then sawed it out, and am in the middle of filing down the pieces. i was glad i got so far, actually. after an hour of design, i was sure i was never going to manage to make anything. and dude, either i DON’T GET dutch humor, or jokes directed incessantly at me are not always funny. ugh. i felt pretty rotten leaving class, and wiped out.

later that night, i went to pottery. good news: a friend of mine is also in there… ursula. i didn’t know she had planned to do it too, but there she was. yay! and the wheels are manual, so i’m having to learn a bit differently. my leg got really tired for the first hour, from kicking the wheel around, and centering is more difficult on a manual wheel (i think), but eventually i got the hang of it. i made 4 matching espresso cups in the last hour. the two hours before that, i mostly just practiced things. i was pretty proud of the cups, though: they match! i’ve never really tried much to make matching things before, but yay! then some woman knocked them over while not paying attention to what she was doing as she wrapped her own work. bitch. but i managed to salvage them. whoo. so i was pretty happy. and now i have yellow clay under my nails. 🙂 happiness.

matt bought a motorcycle. i think i’m about to go ride it. i need a shower, though, since i just got back from running over st. pieter with annemette and marivi. toodles.


  1. i also learned on a powered wheel so centering on a manual was a challenge. it always seemed so clunky and jerky to center on a manual.

    1. exactly. in fact, that was what was taking most of my time on tuesday… just the centering. and even when i decided it was time to go ahead, i didn’t feel like the center was quite as perfect as i thought it should be. oh well. i hope i’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

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