exhausted and … well, not sure what else …

dear friends: sorry so low on posts lately. i have tried to read up on yours, but have been feeling not very commentative lately. anyway, i’ll try to be better.

last week, without going into much in the way of details, was very very busy and also very interesting. interesting can also mean stressful, and now my body is telling me about it. ick. i feel pretty shitty, but here i go into another week. i spent as much of today sleeping as possible. which really wasn’t all that much, if i count up the hours, but still. and now it’s 11:15, and although i’m very tired, i’m having trouble sleeping. tomorrow is tuesday, and that means violin, metalsmithing and pottery all over again. a big day. hopefully all the sleeping today helped.

really, this week looks pretty slow, which is really needed right now. on the other hand, i met with two potential students last week and should be hearing back from them in the next couple of days (i hope), so my schedule could fill faster than i think. saturday matt is going to a bachelor party in amsterdam, and i’m supposed to leave my schedule open for a girl thing, although we don’t know yet what’s being planned. the sister of the bride is in charge, and apparently running late. well, we’ll see. annemette and marivi and i think that if nothing gets planned, at least the 3 of us can take suzanne out that evening, and maybe something will get planned for another night.

i have recurring thoughts about elements from the OTHER movie named “crash,” with james spader. i haven’t seen it in years, and sold my copy in our last garage sale in the states. maybe i should rent it sometime soon.


  1. While never having seen the movie, I have read the book Crash and if those images are in anyway connected to the stress in your life all I can say is…wow. Kinda freaky.

    1. no worries… they aren’t. just images that keep flitting through my brain. and come to think of it, i have the book.. perhaps in lieu of renting the movie i could reread the book.

      1. I’d recommend it. Ballard is a great author, after all. Have you ever read his book “Running Wild”? I don’t recall. If you haven’t you should. It’s a short one but very tasty in a “kids-running-wild-in-an-enclosed-community” kind of way.

  2. Crash (the real one)

    I have recurring elements from that movie too! Rosanna Arquette was quite fascinating as the damaged siren in leg braces, no? I love that movie! Weird as fuck – but… like a car wreck – you can’t stop watching (coincidence? I think not)…

    Hope all is well – I’m doing much much better. Will post soon. Been so damned busy too!

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