demo site exploration and thoughts about friends

matt and i were talking yesterday, and we agree that we are really impressed with the people in our lives, even the ones we don’t see very often (which is ever so many of them/you). so many people that we know are interesting people, for all different kinds of reasons. yay. thanks.

so, last night i was feeling really hyperactive, and matt and i invited dick over (well, originally the plan was to go out somewhere) and we played some card games. actually, i was so hyperactive that i could barely sit still, so really i was mostly dancing around the living room and losing every game. the energy level lasted a very long time, so when matt, who wasn’t feeling well, went up to bed, dick and i went exploring the construction site behind the apartment. we had planned to go down into the wine cellars, and we did manage to locate the entrance to them, when i walked across a sheet of plywood that was hollow-sounding, but when we went to go find a ladder, i became side-tracked by the ramps up to the mostly demolished parking garage. half of it is broken off, and you have to take a little climb each time to get to the next ramp area. we climbed to the top, and found another ladder, so that we could sit up on the very top of the tall parking garage. from there, we could see a lot of maastricht. the maas river looked very beautiful, and the wilhelmina bridge was an empty expanse. because all the surrounding buildings have been taken down, we had a lovely view of so many of the gorgeous churches and other buildings in the city. i thought the stadhuis was particularly cool. it was windy up there, and tempting to lean into the wind while standing on the ledge of the wall we had been sitting on, but leaning was a bad idea. i didn’t do it. i just stood there. i could even see into my apartment pretty clearly, since we were right above it. amazingly, we could hear a lot of noises of the late night city from there. i loved it. i was filthy when i got home. šŸ™‚

maybe next time matt can come, and we can see the wine cellars. before they too get demolished.

today i had my first lesson with one of my new students, a 16 year old from madrid named fernando. good kid. funny, and really advanced, except in listening and speaking. there is much repetition for both of us, to communicate, but if there’s writing as well, then no problem. i will have 2 lessons with him per week. i think he will advance quickly. yay.

tonight we are having dinner with mark, boyfriend of a friend and owner of two kitties that i cat-sit regularly. we have never met in person before. i’m looking forward to it.


  1. thank you for being one of the interesting impressive people in my life. i really appreciate the recent reuniting of our ancient friendship. it’s a great experience for me to have known/be known by people for so long- 17 or 18 years now for you and nathan. we’ve known each other from when we couldn’t have possibly immagined who we would become. these types of relationships are special, and i appreciate your openness. thank you!

  2. As I am a egotist, I’ll assume you are, in part, refering to me, and I’d like to say, “Right back at’cha.” I know my life took a turn for the interesting and fun after Matt dragged you along while he went to go poke at Pete’s things, and you came and watched Skinny Puppy videos with me. These things start small but in retrospect seem preordained, don’t they?

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