new students, new things happening…

well, i’m back from hamburg. my meeting with jesse, the espresso cart guy in hamburg, was really great. he’s got a really simple operation, simpler than i was planning, but it’s really doing well. hard work, certainly, but sounds great. i have to send off some emails and letters of requests for information from some other places, also some thank you’s to people for talking with me and/or providing me with free samples. but i’m very excited. i think this can happen! yay!

in other news, i have a meeting with the parents of a new student this afternoon. they are interested in 2 2-hour lessons per week, which is great for my budget. yay! it’s a 16-year old spanish boy. i also got a call from another spanish woman who also is interested. i’m phone-tagging with her right now. yay again!

did i mention i signed up for some art classes at kumulus? they start next tuesday and i got the confirmation letters today. metal-smithing from 1-4, and pottery from 7-10. lovely. i like that they’re both on tuesdays, also. my violin lesson tends to be tuesday mornings, which means that all my creative type lessons are on tuesday. i like it that way, all focused. i’m more likely not to skip anything when the whole day is devoted to one type of activity. dutch lessons will stay for now on wednesday nights, although matt may need to change this. oh well.

and that’s all the gnus. for now.


  1. i’m inspired by your generating your life-really being at the source of it. maybe it’s personality similarities, and that you’ve generated stuff that i would enjoy. i’m inspired by your creative lifestyle.

    1. thanks. i think that we are all responsible for our own realities, and that i have to take on that responsibility and make of my reality what i want. of course, there are some things that i am limited in, especially considering that there’s a fuzzy area where my reality is shared by other people, like venn diagrams overlapping. but i should do what i can, and make of my life what i can. of course, now that i’ve said that, i also have to admit to sometimes getting lazy and just riding it. 🙂 blah blah blah. sharon’s philosophy, ultra-condensed version.

  2. Hey–was that a crack at my Great Space Coaster reference a week or so ago? You better get some gnu jokes!

    Old gnus, gnu Olds. If only I could find a picture of a gnu next to an Oldsmobile. That would rule SO HARD.

    1. ha! yes, i couldn’t remember who it was that had referenced great space coaster, but i guess it was you! thanks. i loved that show. you could use photoshop. and i haven’t really got any gnu jokes. all my jokes involve prostitutes, except the string joke. wait! a gnu-prostitute crossover joke! yes!

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