trouble with bright red braids…

well, today is hair bleach and dye day. last tuesday we took out the braids, and thursday i will get new braids put in. that meant i had one week in which to enjoy incredibly faded, rather damaged hair with big bad roots. actually, i did enjoy it. there are some things i can enjoy more freely when not worrying about fading color or tangling dreds. such as swimming and spa days. 🙂

yesterday i enjoyed not only a full massage, but also hours and hours in the baths and saunas of thermae 2000, in valkenburg. it was really fun. it was basically my last chance to do it before the braids, since i have to do the dying a couple days before, and what a waste of dye to do it then swim in salty and chlorinated water.

anyway, i have finished the bleaching and am now sitting here with red dye all over. yep, i made a mess this time. i’m a bit out of practice. the last couple of times, matt has had to do it for me, as i wasn’t able to get everything by myself.

had my violin lesson this morning. i’m having a bit of trouble with the 3rd position. we’ve just started it, if you don’t count the bit of gypsy stuff i’ve been working on for a while, and i just get confused. it feels like starting out all over again. very deliberate, all the time, and carefully placing my fingers, and checking against other notes, all the time. ugh.

matt is looking for a motorcycle, and i am getting sad and lonely about not having mine. dick and i went for a ride on his bike, a bmw, before the spa yesterday, and well, his is just fine, but i can’t wait to see mine again. soon i’ll hear something about the paperwork, i hope. anyway, matt and dick are going testdriving some bikes either wednesday night or saturday. matt needs a new bike before he starts his new job.

saturday, by the way, is my 31st birthday. i’m having a party, and matt’s being quite a sweetie and handling most of the invites, since i kind of bullied him into the whole party thing.

we’ll also be having a halloween party, in case any of you u.s. people want to plan a trip over! it’s on the 29th, the saturday before halloween, and will hopefully be a blast.


  1. And a happy birthday from me! Good luck with the hair, the kick boxing, the bike, the violin and anything else I may have missed.


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