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tried to go to kickboxing tonight. unfortunately, the schedule i found online is out of date. i got there and they told me that it’s not there anymore, but that it is on saturday mornings, so i’m going to try to go then. still, it was disappointing; it took a lot for me to get motivated, and then nothing. damn.

i have some choices regarding schedule to make. there are several classes at kumulus (a school for the arts) that i’d like to take this year, and two of them not only coincide with each other, but also with kickboxing (possibly). anyway, sign up for those classes is sunday, so i’d like to have gone to at least one kickboxing class to find out how i like this school before it’s time to decide.

the classes, by the way, are pottery (wheelwork, this time, not handbuilding), metalsmithing (COOL!), and fiber arts. i’ll try to meet all the teachers on sunday, too. maybe that’s part of the problem i had last year with the handbuilding class i took: although the teacher was very friendly, i don’t think i really liked her very much, and it’s not like she just got out of the way and let you work, either. on the other hand, when i did need some help, i had trouble getting it.

i checked out the prices for kayak rental while i was feeding mark’s cats this evening. it seems to be a flat rate, depending on people and type of kayak. a one-person kayak is 15 euros, a two-person is 20. perhaps i’ll go friday, if i get some of the things i want to do done this week.

monday through wednesday i’ll be in hamburg for an espresso trade fair. i’m pretty excited, actually. if anyone who’s reading this knows anyone in hamburg who might be interested in getting a drink or dinner with me while i’m there, let me know. i’ll get there monday afternoon, be at the fair all day tuesday, and leave wednesday morning sometime. i’m planning on staying in a hostel, although i haven’t booked a room yet.

by the way, anyone reading this is also invited to my birthday party this saturday, in case i forgot to call or email you about it. la la la. i got confused, with all the halloween early notices and all.


    1. yeah, i’ve been wondering for a while why i don’t just do the things that sound fun when i know where to do them and they’re convenient. anyway, hopefully friday. also friday is the day i’ve decided to drop by matucchi, a bar on my street, and see if they want any bartenders. their cocktails suck, and mine are very good. 🙂

  1. So, and I wanted to wish you a very happy European Birthday…I don’t know how they say it in Dutch, but if I did, I’d say it in Dutch…

    I’ll compromise:

    “Happy Birthday to Sharon….in Dutch!”

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