construction noises and general hoo-ha.

well. it is friday. i have spent the day cleaning, since the construction has entered the demo phase on the parking garage, and our house is coated in dust. it is nasty, and yesterday my nose itched terribly.

it is hard being back here, after the month in the u.s. when i was in minnesota and washington, my life was so filled with friends and family, and it felt great to be with lots of people i really like and/or love. and on the road, i had all the chosen self time i needed, but no boredom to go along with it, since i was on the move all the time, and also exploring new places.

here, i have way too much time alone. i only have 2 students now, since i haven’t heard back from the ones who had inquired before vacation, and others have moved away. i am seeing loads and loads of basically 2 people, who are both likely to get sick of me at any moment, since i call them both rather frequently, and see them even more often. certainly, i’ve seen lots of other people that i know as well, but not so much, and the rest aren’t available during the day at all. yes, i’m doing many of my own things and projects, but generally speaking, i would like to spend a little more time with other humans. i would like to know more people to invite along to do the interesting things i want to do around here, since it’s more fun to do most of them with friends.

things i want to do:

kayaking on the maas (there’s a rental place nearby, and i’ve never kayaked before)
exploring the cellars under the construction before it is entirely demolished
climbing the crane in the construction site
kite-boarding in the ocean (somewhat more difficult, since i haven’t got transportation to the beach)
massage and spa day at thermae 2000 in valkenburg
time with the monkeys at apenheul (again, transportation an issue)
wadlopen (this is walking through mud-flats to islands in the north of the netherlands. transportation and time of year are issues, and matt is showing a general lack of enthusiasm.)

that’s all i remember at the moment. tonight i’m going out with GIRLS ONLY (can you believe it? me?) for dinner and drinks. i’m really looking forward to it. i have no idea what matt’s doing. he was thinking about attending an aikido seminar in the early evening, but he also wanted to do an x-box evening. unfortunately, i think none of his x-box friends are available. poor thing.

since matt doesn’t post so often as i do, i will also update for him:

happy boy, he has successfully scored a parking place for his motorcycle. now he just needs to buy one. also, he’s probably going to be taking a new job in medtronic, at the offices in heerlen. he is pretty excited about it. yesterday he went to an all day training meeting, and came back announcing that he thinks he’ll like this job. yay! he’s been hating his current job for a while.

hey, todd… i’m finally doing something with those bog tree photos you wanted me to blow up all those years ago. i’m about half way done with the project. i’ll send you a picture when i’ve finished.


    1. just a tree in a bog. i was trying to keep it simple, since really i should have just separately emailed todd, if i wanted to tell him about it.

      i had these photos i took in a bog in minneapolis around dusk one afternoon, with him and matt. he wanted to blow them up to poster size and frame them side by side. i’m doing something a bit different with them. secret for now. 🙂

  1. Aha. I just had to find out. You know, plant geek curiousity and all. I thought it might be some genus that did somethig unusual that I’d never heard of. That’s twice now you’ve piqued my interest over plant stuff–you gotta be careful with that! You know how I get!

  2. You’ve got my interest, that’s for sure. I assume you’re refering to the ones I called your Monet’s…if you recall which ones those are.

    If you could be a lovely, ask Matt to return my last email. Thanks!

    1. What, you want me to return your last email about the Drugs & Guns party, voting ostriches and Robert Anton Wilson and the Tsarist Occupational Government in America? That was too weird for comment, although I did read the whole RAW page about the TSOG.

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