13 days and 4,338 miles later…

well. here i am back in st. paul. interesting to find the feigal-stickle clan gone. they are at the cabin. i think it’s damn funny how determined minnesotans are to call their lake homes “cabins.” they’re cabins like a yacht is a rowboat. anyway, i find them not here. and really, that’s for the best. i am SICK TO DEATH of people. ok, small talk, really.

if one more middle aged, t-shirt and baseball cap wearing, yuppy in a station wagon with child seat in the back makes a stupid comment about how much nicer it must be for me riding now that it’s cooled off, i’m going to stab him in his fucking playstation belly. no, moron, it’s not actually nicer. i’m freezing my ass off. when it’s hot, i’m going very very fast. i hardly notice. when it’s cold, i wear all my clothes under my jacket, and i’m still cold, and i’m all stiff both with cold and too many layers, which makes my body hurt. so, no… it’s not nicer. i’m not happy at all.

i can’t find my good knife. no, i haven’t lost the cool spyderco one that hangs around my neck, nor the two itty bitty ones my dad and brother gave me. but i lost the actual useful one. the one that makes me feel like a bad ass. no, as you may recall, it’s not big either, but i know how to use it. 🙂

the last couple of days have been rotten. did i mention that??? everything after the top of logan pass in glacier national park was rotten. pretty much. i mean, there were good moments, but they didn’t last.

border crossing was the worst. i will save that for another time. apparently, flickr tells me i can’t upload anymore photos without paying for an upgrade. so perhaps i’ll wait and see if matt can help me with adding photos without using flickr. it sure was easy with flickr. too bad. but i’m cheap, and don’t want to pay.

not that border crossing had any pictures. and i’m wondering if that’s where i lost my knife. but the guy there said all my knives were still there, and i guess i believed him. anyway…

since there are lots of things to share about this trip, i will do it as i’m in the mood to. that means they won’t be in any particular order. just whenever i feel like typing for a little while.

drank margaritas tonight at bar abilene with mel and dwain. said hi to luke and jonny. remembered what it’s like to be around friends, after a couple of days of horridness. did i mention all the white people in eastern montana and north dakota are horrid???

they are. i’ll explain later. the story has to do with the oregon trail. trust me.


  1. Flickr? Fuckr!

    Try photobucket or imagebucket. Or both. Free is not so bad, even with limitations. I think photobucket is the one I use. I can never remember–I always try the wrong one first. You know how I am.

  2. Hey babe, maybe I’ll pick you up a new knife this weekend, I passed a knife store in Utrecht. If they’ll sell one to me looking the way I do… See you soon.

  3. No. No. No. Flickr still rocks even though they are now owned by Yahoo. You can still upload photos. As many as you want. Flickr will just show your most recent 200 photos. The oldest ones are still there if you link to them directly, they just don’t show up when people are browsing your photo-stream.

    Here is the FAQ entry on this.

    Flickr has a more intuitive interface than any other photo sharing site, IMHO.

    That’s sad about your knife. Especially when you went through the trouble to train with that particular model.

  4. Glad to see you made it back okay even if the last several hundred miles or so sucked. I hope it wasn’t anything to nasty, and can at least make for funny story telling. 🙂

      1. I had one before that I deleted before moving here. It’s been a few years and Live Journal is now asking for money to use the original spelling of my lovely handle, hence the change. I restarted this thing so that I could respond to people’s with something that could be recognized. I’ve been toying with actually keeping a kind of journal again though. We’ll see if that actually happens.

      2. but the use of the 1st person singular made it rather obvious who that could possibly be…

        sorry i didn’t get to see you again. i miss you! get your passport, dammit!

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