montana… and glacier national park


last night, lynn joined me for a night at symes hot springs hotel in hot springs, montana. it was a good time, and we soaked in the waters a lot. it was super cool that she was able to join me! (hi, lynn… i’ll know you will read this! i hope your drive home was pleasant!)

waking up really sucks sometimes, but fortunately they have an espresso bar at the symes, so i indulged right away before getting on the road. at the moment, i am about to start the going to the sun road through glacier national park.

this area of montana (if you ignore ugly cities like kalispell and columbia falls) is absolutely beautiful. the ride has been fantastic. it makes me want to buy land in elmo, overlooking flathead lake, which is gorgeous. matt, that’s where we were taking all those pictures last time.

the people at the welcome to canada stand here think i should be allowed into and out of canada, but to check with the u.s. customs people at the border before entering. so, if i manage to find internet, my next post may be from canada.

i don’t have time to check my email, so …

matt, if you read this, i love you!! see you in a couple of days. and could you call your folks and tell them i should be in by friday night? thanks.


    1. yay!!!

      phone number in maastricht, plus any and all digits necessary to get out of the u.s. (and yes, i’m aware of doing this on a public forum)…

      011 31 65 085 7451

      i guess i’m assuming, as usual, that the only people reading this are people i would enjoy to have calling me.

      more later.

  1. My natural inclination is to make a snide comment here but as I am the model of restraint I will pass on this one.

    1. ha. snide comment away. i mean, there i was putting personal notes in my live journal. oh wait, what the fuck is a live journal FOR, anyway?

      hey, now you can be jealous: i’m sitting here with a cat on my lap as i type and YOU DON’T HAVE ONE!!!! ha ha ha ha ha.

      yep… feeling smug again.

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