living it up in the pacific northwest

well, it’s been a good couple of days. i’m at my friend lynn’s apartment in seattle now. i should be sleeping, but i’m clearly not. the computer was here, and i felt i should use it while i can.

yesterday, after hanging out with family for the morning and early afternoon, i went up to see nathan in olympia. we went first for pizza, which was delicious, although the gas i had all night and the next morning afterwards from all the roasted garlic was horrendous. hell, i just showered and put on my pajamas a few minutes ago, and my pajamas still smell like fart. nasty.

after pizza, we went for beers and had a great time chatting in… um, i’ve forgotten the name of the bar (and the pizza place). damn. nathan, if you actually read this, you could supply the information in a comment. then, deciding we’d been talking music and movies for a while and needed to listen/watch, we went back to his place. we stopped for beer and candy on the way home.

included in weirdnesses: talking to voices from the past on the phone. i am NOT good at talking on the phone, but it was sure cool to speak with chris schluter, chris lytle and erik felch. it’s been a FUCK OF A LONG TIME. and to hear news of some of the other people who make up so many of my major teenage memories. what if we all really get back in touch? that’d be really fantastic.

nathan showed me sealab 2021 and napoleon dynamite. both very cool. and i loved all the geek rap (mc chris, etc.) and also the… crap, i really liked it… neat covers of old movie theme songs. and kompressor. very very cool.

finally could barely keep my eyes open.

today, noon, headed up to seattle. poor dusty, was SO sleepy when i got here. we went for YUMMY mexican food, then took the bus into capitol hill. we had a great time wandering around, and i showed him where lynn and i used to live on 12th and yesler. but the sun eventually got to me, and we went back to his place, where i completely zonked out for a while. dusty finally had to revive me from my sun-induced stupor with some rallying games of tetris and then… a back rub! damn, i needed that! (super thanks again, dusty!!)

also, he played some mc paul d… (shit, forgot again) for me. nathan, take note, if you read: dusty also likes weird ass geek rap. he also needs friends in the seattle area. cool guy, great taste in music, unfortunately living with boring roommate in fucking bellevue. know anyone to hook him up with, interest-wise?

around 9pm, lynn called, ready to roll. i headed to her place, and she and ryan and i went for coffee (decaf for me… i NEED to sleep). it is great to be here.

dusty, if you can do lunch tomorrow at around 1pm, lynn and i will join you. she’s busy until about then, so i thought i’d hit the market until lunchtime, and invited her along. i’ll call you in the morning too. i only mention this here because i know you’re probably up all night messing around on the internet, and might actually read it.

tomorrow night i’ll be at alicia’s. tuesday morning i head for hot springs, montana. YAY!!! relaxing sulphur water so nice and hot, under a huge, star-filled sky!!

until later…


  1. hell, i just showered and put on my pajamas a few minutes ago, and my pajamas still smell like fart. nasty.


  2. The details, the details

    Pizza joint was Oldschool Pizzeria, the finest Olympia has to offer me (I’ll fight anybody who disagrees). Bar was Eastside Tavern, which has the best beer selection in town, in spite of being a narsty-ass dive (same threats about disagreements). Movie theme covers album was “The Director’s Cut” by Fantomas. Anybody who hasn’t checked it out really ought to. As for Geek Rap, I think you’re looking for Mc Paul Barman. He is geektastic. As for hooking up Dusty, if you mean romantically, all I can say is YEAH RIGHT. As if I know any girls. The few I do know are either head cases or off-limits. Can’t help you there. Wouldn’t mind drinking a few beers with new people, though.

    Also, my garlic farts were nastier than yours, I think. I had a fan going in the room I slept in and I still gagged when I woke up. It was as if the ghosts of a thousand Italian immigrants were seeking revenge for some imagined slight I committed against them hundreds of years ago, and their only venue was flatulence.

    1. heh heh heh.

      one thing i learned: no more roasted garlic on road trips. that stuff sticks with you.

      lynn and i made a similar mistake, actually, in hot springs. bad bad bad.

      thanks for the details, and no, i did NOT mean hook up dusty romantically. i meant he doesn’t know many people out there…


      alright. i’m feeling argumentative, for no reason and to no purpose, so i think i’d better stop this and go to bed now.

      1. Wait wait wait…

        Did you just call ME a dork?

        Harrumph, I say.

  3. Uhhh..duh

    That last one was me not logged in, and not too suh-mart. I’m sure you already guessed.

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