charlie and the chocolate factory, redux.

i just went and saw charlie and the chocolate factory for the second time. i will always be a huge fan of the first one, but wow wow wow.

did i hear from mel or someone else that the squirrels are real? and really trained? craziness.

i also stuffed myself full of vietnamese eggrolls, which i shall soon be sad to not be able to eat. after last night’s tex-mex extravaganza, i’m feeling a bit overfed. much like augustus gloop. heh.

i also picked up my own copy of napoleon dynamite at best buy. i think i will need to send a copy to both of my brothers, too. heh heh. other movie acquisitions include a copy of the new live-action cutey honey, compliments of mel and dwain, who, knowing my adoration of cutey honey, felt that i deserved their copy, and they’ll get a new one. yay!

i’m feeling the need to purchase music as well, but didn’t have my list on me while driving past best buy today, so did the movie thing instead. it was a great moment in sharon consumerism, really. i usually avoid best buy, but i was “shopping,” having already gone to el burrito for mexican food supplies, and hmong abc for a few books. i was thinking about hitting the indian food store on central for some instant palak paneer, but decided to drive past the source instead, and ended up at best buy. didn’t stop at the source at all. don’t need any new games or comic books. had to convince myself of that fact while riding past. eek. when sharon consumerism is bad, it’s bad.

right. i’m babbling, and a cat is awaiting my attention, none too patiently.


    1. i still find it hard to believe this is real. if so, though… WOW. i love tim burton. did i mention i got to watch edward scissorhands on the plane home? first time in years…. gotta love it.

    1. gone gone gone. was gone saturday, actually. but the info would have been valuable, had i not been gone. 🙂 i have been looking at those cranes on the construction site wistfully for a couple of days now.

  1. Damn you! Now I have the old oompa loompa song in my head 🙂 I agree with ya, I loved the old one (huge Gene Wilder fan) but the new version is awesome. Although I did miss the muli-colored oompaloompas.

    Hey! Anytime you are in Philadelphia (or a surrounding state) look me up and we’ll go have a beer. I can make it to Manhattan or DC in two hours by bus.

    1. you got it, baby-o! next time i’m in your general vicinity, i’ll let you know. i love having people to visit, as could probably be inferred…

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