fantastic fun at the pool

we have just come home from bahb’s pool party. thanks for inviting us, bahb, if you read this!!! not only was the company fantastic, but that’s a spectacular pool. i had a great time on the slide and playing around with the noodles and the somewhat violent basketball game. 🙂 sorry we split so early. we are still getting tired a bit sooner than we’d like. it was really great to see the people who were there that i knew, and to meet some new people. and it would have been even better if i’d once managed to successfully get the damn basketball away from newmie (spelling?). too damn tall!!!

in other news from today, we went to see the art car parade, which was pretty sweet. i was surprised what kind of bullshit some people seem to want to call “art cars.” is it really an art car if you’ve just taped on things that you can remove easily later, or are really just advertising? i really liked the happy truck at the end. that guy was hilarious, with all his happy anger, and screaming at the cops. yay! and the little bmw thing was cute. and the radio-controlled couch. and the turtle. apparently liz fish was in it, but we somehow managed to miss her! too bad.

the storm this morning was also incredible. i’m so glad it did that, given that the forecast for today was supposed to be so awfully hot.

we also went to a picnic with claude and folks matt’s known for forever this afternoon. had some interesting chats with a woman i hadn’t met before.

see how i’m really condensing everything? this is because most of the people who might read my journal experience some of these minnesota things with me, so you people don’t probably want to read them too. or maybe you do. a lot has to do with the fact that it’s late and i’m tired, or i wouldn’t have left the party. i’d still be there. but you know it’s a bad sign when 3 consecutive conversations end with a general dwindling and stare, and your energy level is being entirely conserved by highly sugary drinks.

damn. i’m going to bed.


  1. i was too tired to make it out to bahb’s, i coulda used the excersize but ugh, too much working lately.

    it was really fun seeing you guys out on friday.

  2. Damn, I was kind of split on which way to go when I came upon the Pilot Knob Rd. exit on my way home from the Sheraton. Though looking at the times I think I’d have missed you.

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