Corrosion at Ground Zero

first things first:

i forgot to mention how gorgeous the moon was last night when we were coming home. it was full, or mostly so, with bubbly clouds around and over it, and a halo.

tonight was too much fun. it was great to see EVERYONE. holy shit… some of you i hadn’t seen in years!! and those same ones probably don’t even read this, so won’t hear just how fantastic it was to see them. and everyone i do occasionally see: it was super wonderful to see all of you too!!

music was fantastic. everyone was beautiful. fucking fantastic. i wish i’d been more energetic from the beginning, and less psychotic later, so that i could have had more conversations and less, “dude!!!” oh well.


  1. Wow, it was such an awesome and pleasant surprise to see you. And that’s probably the most eloquently I can put that right now. Duuuude…

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