charlie and the chocolate factory

i have been a huge fan of both the book and the old gene wilder movie for ages. i creep matt out by singing the oompa loompa song on a regular basis. but this…. THIS….

absolutely terrific.

mel and i went to pavilion this evening to see it. if you haven’t seen it, do so immediately. if you are creeped out by oompa loompas, no worries. they are not so freaky this time. i did get a bit sick on deliciously over-buttered popcorn. lekker!

before going to see the movie, we went to barnes and noble to browse. wow. i could browse in such a huge bookstore for hours. although i generally prefer to purchase my books at smaller booksellers, such as uncle hugo’s, i have been missing the privilege of a huge bookstore, all in english, with benches, chairs, sofas, and even food and coffee. wow. i will be making another trip there later this week. what joy!

i am really impressed by the greenway. i was on it today with our friend martin doyle. really nice. if i get a chance, i’d like to bicycle it while we’re here. but tomorrow we’ll be canoeing in the st. croix all day. until time for going to kickboxing, of course.

annemette, if you are reading this, dick’s key isn’t working. we gave him your phone number, so he may be calling you. or maybe not. don’t know if he still needs our boxes for his packing adventure.

ok. time for bed.

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